Wij restaureren uw antiek via de originele oude technieken.Onze specialitetit is het beroemde: Politoeren.



is based in Amsterdam The Netherlands.
We restore pianos for companies and private clients all around The Netherlands and Europe.
We also restore antiques and old furniture, such as cabinets ,tables, pianos and chests.

Our greatest reward  is our work and the pleasure we take in restoring objects to their original state.
Each piano or antique is unique and we take special attention and pride in the work we do to restore their beauty and character.  We specialise in French Polishing  [Politoeren]  and we are one of very few companies who continue to use the traditional techniques.
Our company employs original french polish methods.

Modern techniques, such as polyester, leave a very high shine and a thick coating on top of the wood which means you do not see the beauty and the character of the old wood, which is a great shame.

we all so restore polyester instruments and furniture,
scarches,little damages and shine.

If  you are interested in restoring your piano or antiques  to give back their original character, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.